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Willpower Depletion Revisited

Mar 01, 2023

A Bright Lifer recently sent me some articles about newly published research on willpower. At first glance, I was distressed. This research seems to fly in the face of everything I teach our community about willpower. So, I examined it closer and reflected on it. In this week’s vlog, I’ll tell you what this new research means for your BLE journey. Plus, I’ll tell you the one thing that’s even more important than willpower when it comes to successfully having a Bright day.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating.  Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.

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