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Oct 24, 2023

There’s one single reason we’re releasing the weekly vlog on Tuesday rather than our usual Wednesday: IT’S PUBLICATION DAY! On This Bright Day: A Year of Reflections for Lasting Food Freedom is available today in your local bookstore and online. I know a lot of you have been waiting until it was published, so now is the time to head for your bookstore!

We have a hashtag we’re using this week: #onthisbrightday. Take a selfie of yourself with the book in a bookstore and put it on social media. Make it fun! If you’re really creative, we might do something special for you! And if you post on Instagram with this hashtag, your post will automatically transfer over to our book bonus page, at How fun is that?

In addition, you can enter your receipt number on the book bonus page and earn lots of great extras:

  • A special behind-the-scenes video I made for you of the audiobook recording.
  • Some downloadable bookmarks.
  • My personally recommended meal plan for a whole week—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—whether you’re plant-based or an omnivore; it’s geared for maximum weight loss, maximum health, and you can repeat it as needed.
  • A great bonus: the people who buy the most books will have the chance to visit me in Rochester, NY—we’ll craft a custom visit together.
  • And more!

It’s all at There’s a link to the leaderboard there, too. 

I wanted to celebrate the release of the book by making it a community event. To do that, I’ve been talking to some people you haven’t met before who have all been on their own Bright Line Eating food journeys. Let me introduce some of them to you:

First up is Cathy Cox. Cathy and I met in graduate school at the University of Rochester in a graduate student women’s support group, and have been great friends ever since. She began her food journey with a 12-step program, but found it to be a little too harsh, with strict consequences if she ate something she shouldn’t have. She began BLE soon after I started it, where she found a community dedicated to positive, loving support. 

Cathy is in my Mastermind Group, the “Magnificent Mavens Mastermind,” and I sent her a copy of the book a couple of weeks ago. And she loves it. Why? She struggles to stay Bright from time to time. She travels a lot, and slips happen. Having a book that gives her daily encouragement, with a reading that she can combine with her meditation practice, helps her to stay focused and mindful.

Next, we talk to Angela Denby who does graphic design for Bright Line Eating. She’s responsible for how great the book looks and feels. She loves how satisfying it is to be able to start the day with a positive moment. In addition to working for us, Angela has been on her own Bright Line journey now for five years.  She says it’s been a bit of a roller coaster—she’s gone through COVID and pregnancy in the past few years, but she’s stayed Bright throughout and she can’t imagine life without BLE. 

Angela says that the book is important for a simple reason: anything that brings positivity into the world is a plus. For her, a busy mom with a three-year-old, time is limited, but the book is an easy, enjoyable way to remain in the moment and cognizant of her food journey.

My next guests are a wonderful group from the U.K.: Sue Smith, Lisa Blackwell, Glynis Roberts, Katie Lopez, and Chris Reilly. They have all undergone a Bright transformation and wholeheartedly embrace the Bright Line Eating experience. This fabulous group does a daily accountability call every morning. They downloaded the pages for October from the book already. Each day, they go through the accountability questions and read from ON THIS BRIGHT DAY

What difference does the book make for them? Katie tells us that ON THIS BRIGHT DAY is a great resource because, unlike other guides, this one is specific to the BLE community—what we go through and how our journeys progress through time. Sue affirmed the strength of the group: day by day, their friendships have strengthened and they become more and more like family to each other. Often, the reading of the day will move them all deeply, and be just what they needed to hear that day. 

After hearing all the love from our UK family, we talked to Dorie in Charleston, South Carolina. Her Bright journey began four years ago today. She’d done some yo-yo dieting until she found BLE and lost significant weight in her first year. What is most important to her with her bright journey is the peace and serenity she has found from maintaining her healthy weight. It took some time for her to trust this new reality! Every year, on her BLE anniversary, she does a Boot Camp—that’s her ritual. 

Dorie loves everything about the new book. The size is perfect for fitting in her suitcase during her frequent travels. She loves that she’s able to apply the day’s word throughout her day. Today, for example, is “kindness.” She carries that through all her meals: what sort of kindness was needed to bring her food from farm to table? How can she be kind to herself?

Next up is Simone Simms with her adorable one-year-old twins Drake and Naomi. Simone works for us, too: she’s been the manager of the customer support team since 2016. She met me when she took my Psychology of Eating course and explored the BLE plan as part of her coursework. 

She’s a morning reader, and her copy of On This Bright Day is helping her remember to do things one day at a time. She says it helps her feel like she can live her life as it comes—something that’s important when you have two little ones at home. 

Finally, we talked to Beth and Tony Wade. Tony started BLE in 2019 and lost about 150 pounds within a year. What really mattered to him was what he got along with his weight loss: peace of mind. Beth started after Tony, in 2020, and lost around 100 pounds. Her biggest takeaway in addition to the weight loss is that the program helped her to think more clearly. She was able to drop a drug she had been taking for depression, and hasn’t experienced any depressive episodes since starting Bright Line Eating.

Tony and Beth can’t wait to have the new book in hand and are starting to plan how they’ll use it. Tony says he is waiting “for it to unfold before my very eyes,” while Beth has decided she’s going to start her readings with the turn of the new year. 

So that’s it. ON THIS BRIGHT DAY is out in the world and is already nurturing and supporting readers in our community and beyond. Go. Get yours today. You won’t be sorry.

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