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It's Time to Pre-Order ON THIS BRIGHT DAY!

Sep 06, 2023

Today kicks off the official pre-order launch for my new book, ON THIS BRIGHT DAY: A Year of Reflections for Lasting Food Freedom. This is a daily reader that helps you to build your identity every single day. It’s aspirational, inspirational, and grounding, and it’s also tailored to you—as someone who wants, needs, and desires to do differently with your food than the standard diet the rest of the world is eating. 

It cements your identity every day. It supports you in being steadfast with your intentions to use food to nourish your body, rather than to stuff down feelings, numb out, or escape.

It will also help you to be a luckier person. For real! Scientists have studied luck, and self-proclaimed unlucky and lucky people do things differently. One of the things that lucky people do is introduce novelty into their daily lives. Picking up a daily reader that will present you with a novel idea or thought each day is a little surprise that will shift your consciousness the way lucky people routinely do. This book will expand your horizons, lift your spirits, elevate your thoughts, and broaden your outlook.

Here's the best part: you don’t have to wait. The book will be published on October 24th. But if you pre-order right now, you can get all the readings from September and October in a downloadable PDF—so you can start reading it TODAY! 

And that’s not the only pre-order bonus that you’ll get! You’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek at the audio book recording. Some surprising things happened, I cried (you’ll get to hear the story behind why), and you’ll get to see the studio where I recorded it! 

You’ll also get a menu plan of my personal recommendations for one week’s worth of meals for optimum results on the weight-loss plan. If you are just starting Bright Line Eating and want to know what I would eat if I were just starting, you can download this meal plan and follow it for maximum weight loss. There’s an omnivore and a plant-based version.  

You’ll also get entered to win one of ten copies of the audiobook and a signed bookplate to put inside your copy of ON THIS BRIGHT DAY

And finally, you can download and print some beautiful custom-designed bookmarks we’ve created. Use them in ON THIS BRIGHT DAY or any of your other Bright Line Eating books.  

If you pre-order one copy of the book you’ll get all of these bonuses. Now, I know some of you are going to want to get more than one copy. The holidays are going to be coming up and this makes an incredible gift. 

If you pre-order five or more copies, you’ll also get access to Lunchtime Lives. These are live online Zoom events where you can join me to eat lunch and chat. These will be daily October 24th through October 30th

Also, if you order five or more copies, you can join me for the live announcement of the New York Times list. Yes, we’re trying to get this book on the New York Times Best Seller list. So we’ll experience that announcement live online together. 

Some of you might want to order a LOT of copies of the book. Maybe you want a lot of copies so that you can give them away as gifts for years to come. Or maybe you want to win this next prize… The top three purchasers will be invited to come visit with me in Rochester, NY, for three days and two nights. We’ll spend time together, eat meals together, and do some fun things together. The one person who purchases the very most books will get that trip all expenses paid. If you’re going to order in bulk, be sure to use the Porchlight link on the book order page. 

Let’s be real: it’s not easy what we do. It takes daily inspiration, daily fortitude, and daily commitment. I’m so grateful to be able to finally release this daily reader to support your journey. Go to for all the pre-order information and details of all these bonuses.

Click here to pre-order your copy of ON THIS BRIGHT DAY now! 

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating.  Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.

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