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The Energetics of Food

Aug 16, 2023

I’ve shared a few times recently that I’ve been having some joint issues, particularly my shoulder. I’ve shied away from this topic and tiptoed around it because I didn’t want to get into the contentious politics around this. That’s just not our way around here at Bright Line Eating. So, I share this, not to be contentious, but to tell my own personal story.

The fact is, my joints have been really messed up since I got the Pfizer COVID vaccine a couple years ago. It took some joint issues I already had and made them exponentially worse—and it created brand new issues as well. I’d had some issues with my knees and a shoulder impingement, and now I have much worse pain in my shoulder and knees plus issues with my fingers and my hips.

A couple months ago, I mentioned my joint pain in a Weekly Vlog and a long-time viewer reached out and said, “Please pass my information along to Susan, I can help her with these issues.” At that point, I had really tried everything in Western medicine to address the problem. So, her message landed with me and I reached out.

Her story really gobsmacked me. She lives in Australia, and she had been in two horrific car accidents at about 28 years old. She ended up with a neck fracture that wasn’t diagnosed properly. Her left arm was entirely paralyzed. She lived with extreme pain for seven years. She was offered a surgery that gave her 50/50 odds to either potentially solve these issues or completely paralyze her. She opted not to take those odds.

This situation really impacted her life negatively. She ended up homeless, destitute. She made her way to Israel and found a job working in a shelter for developmentally disabled adults, because it included room and board and was sensitive to her disability.

There was a nutrition workshop offered there that she attended. The teacher of the workshop told his story. He’d been wheelchair bound, musculoskeletally defunct, and had gotten his life back through the energetics of food. She learned so much from this teacher and took it to heart. She went back to Australia and started practicing chi yoga. Then she studied zen shiatsu, the ancient Japanese energetics of food.

The first thing she did was put me on a cocktail of herbs and extracts. I started taking that and my energy balanced out. Soon I found that I needed a little less sleep and overall I felt grounded and well.

Then she wanted to review my diet. Now, I eat impeccably so I felt pretty confident she wouldn’t have much to say about that.

Every morning, I have 1 ounce of quick oats, because I’m a busy woman and need to prepare breakfast quickly. She said quick oats are too processed and to eat the whole oat groat instead of quick oats. So, I got a little single-serve slow cooker so I can prep my oats at night, cook them overnight, and they’re ready for me in the morning. Also, every morning I have blueberries. She suggested a mixture of berries. Yes, blueberries are healthy, but different berries offer different profiles of nutrients and health-promoting agents. So, I made those two changes.

She also taught me how to cook my own adzuki beans. I’ve never cooked my own beans because it takes too long. The key is to put in a little tiny square of kombu seaweed. This helps break down the oligosaccharides. The reason a lot of people have issues digesting beans is because of the oligosaccharides. The kombu seaweed helps break that down for you and also has great minerals that are good for you. And this, she says, is an everyday food. And she wants me to eat it together with kabocha squash (or butternut is an acceptable substitute), with a lot of fresh ginger grated on top.

Then she taught me how to cook brown rice. I thought I knew how to cook brown rice. But she told me it must be massaged, and rinsed, then soaked for 4 hours. The soaking breaks down the phytic acid, which is a mineral blocker. It blocks the absorption of calcium, iron, and zinc.

Other than that, she encouraged variety in my grains, and a variety of whole leafy greens every day. I started trying different kinds I’d never had before, like dandelion greens and beet greens.

And I just started to feel more and more well. I had always had the sense that in Asia and indigenous societies that there was this wisdom about food and health that has mostly been lost in our modern times. It was an amazing thing to tap into someone who had been trained by people who’d been trained in the ancient energetics of food.

I have almost full functionality back now in my shoulder. My join inflammation is miniscule compared to what it had been. There were things that she suggested that really irked me at first or that I rolled my eyes at. But almost invariably when I looked deeper, there was solid science behind it. She even wanted to know all about my bowel movements and she told me I needed to change the posture I use on the toilet—she wanted me to squat, feet up. At first, I thought that was ridiculous, but then I looked into it and there is science behind it. So I bought a Squatty Potty.

It's that old phenomenon—contempt prior to investigation. Similarly, I’m sure there are people here who initially thought Bright Line Eating sounded ridiculous in its suggestions. And then you try it and a little while later you have to admit, oh, this really actually works.

I know people are going to write in about the vaccine thing. Pfizer has actually put out a report about all the challenges people have reported, including long-term joint issues like mine. Pfizer put that report out themselves—it’s not anti-vax madness or quackery. If you want to see the report, we’ll include the link below.

I’ll also include contact information below for the woman who helped me with food energetics, to save our customer support team from fielding all the inquiries. I know people will want to know. I warned her that she’d get flooded with people wanting to talk with her, but she assured me that’s okay—that very few people are truly willing to do the work to get well, so she wouldn’t end up too busy.

I so appreciate that she reached out her hand to say, “I’ve experienced this, and I can help you.” To all who do that, I want to say thank you. If only everyone did that and helped each other out when they have gone through tremendous pain and triumphed on the other side—imagine the world we would live in!

The woman Susan worked with in Australia is: Amanda Wright 
WhatsApp number: +61439682120

Click here to read the Pfizer Adverse Events Data report:

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