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Bright Line Eating® is transforming lives. Getting into a Bright Body is only the beginning. Those who commit to the Bright Line Eating lifestyle also benefit from loads of achievements that include everything from greater happiness to balancing health metrics.**

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Meet Richard S.

There I was, recovering from five abdominal surgeries for diverticulitis. I was morbidly obese at 360 pounds and 60 years old while on three different blood-pressure medications and looking at the end of my fire service career. I was an old man! I had been following a friend’s progress through BLE on Facebook, amazed at how she looked—and she was older than I was! There was one moment in time, I thought, ‘I have a chance to turn all this around.’ I’ve been on all sorts of “diets” for the past 30 years. I am great at losing 100 pounds, only to gain them all back plus more.

BLE was the only eating plan that actually made sense to me—eating real food with no chemicals, and no pre-packaged meals I had to buy. Science. Not only was I dealing with my health issues, but my wife was (and is) dealing with metastatic breast cancer. We went in on the 14-Day Challenge in September of 2019. And, following the plan as it was designed, things started happening—not just weight loss, but energy levels going up and inches coming off. We were hooked. We both joined Determined House in the Boot Camp and went all in.

Fast forward nearly one year, and I have released 130 pounds*. I’ve lost 48 inches from my body and went from a size 3XL to an XL (and even an L in some styles of clothes), a 50-inch to 38-inch waist, and 38.6% to 16.3% body fat. My doctor took me off two of my three blood-pressure medications, and I’m on a half dose of the last one. I am back to full duty at the fire department, and my future is very Bright indeed. My wife released over 65 pounds, dropped her A1C significantly, and is way more prepared to take on her chemotherapy.

When I reached maintenance, I started exercising like I have never done in my whole life. I am walking an average of 15,000 steps a day, averaging 4+ miles per hour. I even, *gasp*, broke into some running—a 10-minute mile, which I was not able to do even 30 years ago. My body shape has changed dramatically. I still have a little “gut” because of all my surgeries, but my legs are slender and rock hard. I’ve even outdistanced some of my younger teammates wearing full protective gear and walking 4 miles.

Lastly, I have to say that this way of eating not only saved my life in terms of my overall health, but in these COVID-19 days, my wife and I would not have fared well if we caught the virus while being obese and over 60 years old. We have met so many good friends now through the Boot Camp and Gideon Games—it really is a family affair. If you follow the plan, it works. We’re so grateful to Susan and the staff of BLE, as well as the thousands of people who provide extraordinary support for others on this journey. Namaste.

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*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Featured participants expended more time and effort than required and were asked to share their experiences to help promote the program because of the extraordinary results they achieved. 

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