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Bright Line Eating® is transforming lives. Getting into a Bright Body is only the beginning. Those who commit to the Bright Line Eating lifestyle also benefit from loads of achievements that include everything from greater happiness to balancing health metrics.**

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Meet Peggy M.

As I am writing this, today is my 1,222 day of Bright Line Eating. Fifteen months on the Weight-Loss Plan for a total of 95 pounds gone*, followed by 25 months of successful maintenance so far. Over 40 years of on-and-off Weight Watchers membership (mostly on) was a constant rollercoaster for me—an (un)merry-go-round of successes and inevitable failure. Can you even imagine how much money I must have spent week in and week out? Weight Watchers told me there are no addictive foods—that I could and should eat every food in moderation.

I sincerely tried over and over and over asking myself a million times, ‘What is wrong with me? Why can’t I do this?’ In retrospect, my multiple failures were telling me that I was living a different reality. But over all those many years, I couldn’t see it. I didn’t understand why the WW plan always led me back to binging. Turns out, I didn’t know who I really was…yet.

Today, I say, ‘I was made for BLE and BLE was made for me.’ Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. changed my life forever in 30 minutes or less with a captivating wink of her eye and science. She told me in no uncertain terms that I am an addict. What a profound relief to learn this fact. My failures weren’t, as I believed, a lack of character, but instead a problem with a solution!

BLE has given me health; fine friends; delicious, colorful, beautiful food to enjoy every single day; and a size-small wardrobe that always fits. It has given me calm quiet—the space to surrender to and embrace the simple fact that a food addict is part of who I am and always will be. I did not know this before, but now I do thanks to Susan, and it’s okay with me. It explains perfectly my prior unhealthy relationship with (and constant thoughts of) food. I now experience peace around food. My food is in its proper place and I’m the boss of it—it is no longer the boss of me.

BLE has given me knowledge and the growing wisdom I need to explore who I really am. I’m not sure at all who that unhappy and unhealthy, sad and obese person was that was walking around in my shoes for oh-so-many years. She constantly told me I was unworthy and unlovable; she suppressed my joyful spirit. But she’s gone, and I’m me now, happy and free. Thank you, Bright Line Eating and Susan Peirce Thompson. Your support and love lifts me up every day. I’m home and here I’ll stay.

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*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Featured participants expended more time and effort than required and were asked to share their experiences to help promote the program because of the extraordinary results they achieved. 

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