Can you beat food addiction without relying on willpower?

Melodie had been dieting since childhood, battling food addiction and struggling with her weight. With Bright Line Eating®, she learned to manage her food without relying on willpower—and she lost 125 pounds.

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Meet Melodie T.

From very early on I showed signs of food addiction. As a child, I was pulled toward highly palatable food and would often steal food and eat in secret. By elementary school, it was noticeable that my weight was escalating, which then started my long career of dieting.

I would lose some weight, then fall off the program, usually gaining the weight back and then some. This roller coaster left me weighing 320 pounds at my highest. After trying and failing at every diet imaginable, the last option I thought I had was gastric bypass surgery. Though the surgery was successful at helping me to lose weight, I never addressed the behavioral reasons I was overeating. Sadly, I snacked my way back to an obese body.

I found out about Bright Line Eating (BLE) from a friend who followed the program and posted about her weight loss, talking about her life in maintenance. This was the first I had heard of BLE, so I jumped at researching all about it. When I found out I couldn’t have my highly sweetened coffee creamer, I thought there was no way I could do it.

After what I felt was my “rock bottom” moment a year later when we were isolated at home during quarantine and I stepped on the scale at 284 pounds, I decided to take the plunge and do the 14-Day Challenge. I committed to coming all the way in and sitting all the way down. And I quickly saw the amazing benefits of the sugar-free, flour-free life.

Since changing my diet and detoxing from sugar and flour, my health has drastically improved. I’m able to get up and down from a seated position without pain. I can also sit on the floor and play with my kid and pop back up to standing with no problem.

I have learned so much about how addictive foods can affect our brains and how many of us are powerless to resist it. It’s NOT about willpower, it’s about addiction. I have come to accept that I am not a person who can moderate addictive foods. It’s been a hard road to fully realize this, but now that sugar and flour are out of my life, I realize what a toxic relationship I had with food. I ate and was in pain, but kept going back.

I have had so many NSV’s (non-scale victories) on this journey. I learned to sit with discomfort and not turn to food to cope. I no longer have that food chatter in my brain, that constant voice dissecting what I’ve eaten or shouldn’t have eaten accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame. I now have a plan for my food and stick with it.

And yes, losing 125 pounds and not having pain in my joints anymore is HUGE, but to feel free from a lifelong bad relationship with food is the real win.

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