Introducing the Masterclass

I have exciting news! For a while now, we’ve needed an update on the science behind Bright Line Eating. The first and most comprehensive explanation was in the Food Freedom videos that I put out in early 2015. Those went viral and were watched by people in 195 countries.

Then in 2017 the first book came out: Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free. That laid out the scientific case for a Bright Line style of eating.

Recently, I wrote a book chapter called “The Badly Behaving Brain: How Ultra Processed Food Addiction Thwarts Sustained Weight Loss.” That also includes information on the science. It’s 100% up to date, but not as accessible for someone who wants the data in layperson’s language.

Now, we have something up-to-date that you can send people to or check out yourself. It’s an all-new Bright Line Eating Masterclass. It’s a deep-dive two-hour course that educates you on the science of sustainable weight loss.

Here’s some of what it includes:

  • Info about the two foods that block weight loss.
  • Updated science about the Willpower Gap, cravings, and hunger (in fact, the title of the Masterclass is “Conquer Cravings, Harness Hunger and Thrive in your Bright Body… for Life! ”).
  • How to handle food cravings.
  • The one huge mistake people make when they try to lose weight.
  • Why people can’t stick with a new plan of eating.
  • Data, plus a whole lot of pros and cons, on the new weight loss drugs.
  • Data on how people who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s can lose weight as easily as those in their 20s and 30s (it’s true! I show data from over 4,000 people demonstrating it!)
  • What people who keep weight off for the long term are doing differently from those who fail again and again—and people are keeping weight off long-term with Bright Line Eating.

It’s all in an easy-to-absorb format—and we’ll be doing more. We like this format, and I’ve spent months working on this. We worked with an animator from Italy, and members of my team were super involved. Thank you to all of them.

You can access this on It’s so easy.

Go check it out. The link is below the video. Now, when you want to tell someone about Bright Line Eating, all you have to do is refer them to the Masterclass at In lieu of a 2-hour movie on Netflix one night, they can watch the Masterclass and become one of the most educated people in the world on our current food and weight dilemma. Enjoy it, refer people to it, and help spread the word about sustainable weight loss.

Click here to reserve your seat in the Masterclass!

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