Indulger Energy

I recently received a special delivery that brought immense joy. It was a package containing my new book, ON THIS BRIGHT DAY: A Year of Reflections for Lasting Food Freedom. These fresh-off-the-press copies are now on their way to stores across the United States and Canada. I even inscribed one for my husband, David, and penned a heartfelt message in another for myself.

As I began reading the book, I noticed how our online community was finding inspiration in its daily reflections. One particular entry, "Indulger Energy," struck a chord with many. It reminded me of the challenging times in 2016 and 2017 when I struggled with sugar and flour binges amidst a whirlwind of responsibilities—raising three young kids, showing up for a marriage, overseeing a business, and supporting thousands of Bright Lifers. My life felt overwhelmingly busy, leaving me little room to breathe.

During these binge episodes, I learned to be compassionate with myself, allowing space for the binging to pass. Eventually, I realized that what the indulger in me craved wasn’t food, it was downtime. A reprieve from the chaos. This revelation helped me stop the destructive binging cycle by consciously taking moments to relax, like sitting on the couch for a few hours or enjoying a bubble bath.

People in our community also resonated with this reading, and they had access to it through our pre-order bonus package. When you pre-order ON THIS BRIGHT DAY, you gain immediate access to all the entries for this month and the next, a behind-the-scenes video about the audiobook recording, my recommended meal plans for weight loss, downloadable bookmarks, and a chance to win a free audiobook and a personalized nameplate. You can find the bonus package on the website

Additionally, there's a grand prize for those who buy the most books—a visit to Rochester, New York, where you can join me for a fabulous 3-day, 2-night experience.

Our goal is to get this book on the New York Times Bestseller list. But why? Isn’t that superficial, ego-driven, and besides the point of helping people with their food? While, yes, there's an element of personal achievement involved, this goal is primarily about elevating our movement's reach and impact. Achieving this recognition will help us raise awareness about food addiction and expand our influence.

So, make sure to pre-order your copy, access the bonus package, and join us on this journey of reflection, inspiration, and lasting food freedom. When you do, you'll be well-prepared to dive into the book's daily entries and share in the collective aspiration for a brighter future.


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