The Importance of Knowing Why

Our mission at Bright Line Eating is 1 million Bright Transformations by 2030. We’re on a quest to transform people’s lives. When people open up their worlds by letting go of sugar and flour, bounding their quantities, and releasing their excess weight, they’re set free. It’s incredible. 

Part of our vision is to change the global narrative around food, to help global obesity trend down. That’s less tangible, but here are some examples: kids' birthday parties won’t just be pizza and ice cream; children’s menus won’t be just processed foods; baked goods won’t be used as gifts. Just like cigarettes, processed food will still be sold and be legal, but might be regulated more, with limits on advertisements to protect the most vulnerable among us. But the assumption will be that people will want to eat whole, real food. 

Conveying science is a big part of this mission and this vision. The majority of people who come into the Bright Line Eating movement say they came to us because of the science. People need to understand, from a cerebral level, WHY the Bright Transformation works. 

For a lot of people, understanding the science behind why certain foods hijack their brains and block them from losing weight takes away the shame of not having been able to get a handle on their food and shed their excess weight before. 

In the Weekly Vlog, I’ve been sharing this science and this info for fun and for free every week for eight years. I also created a video series called Food Freedom in 2015. I’ve never fully rerecorded this series until now. So today, I’m announcing the release of a BRAND NEW, completely re-recorded and updated, built-from-scratch Food Freedom video series. And Video #1 is available today: “The Two Foods that Block Weight Loss.”

**As of June 11, 2023, the Food Freedom Video Series is no longer available. It will be released again in October of 2023.**

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