Staying Bright is the Top Health Priority

I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with pain in my shoulder lately, and I just got diagnosed with frozen shoulder. As I’ve been looking at various ways to address the pain, one of the things I’ve considered is fasting. 

This made me think of all the suggestions we get for ways to optimize our health when it comes to what we eat—whether it’s water fasting, kombucha, cacao, sourdough bread… the list goes on! 

But before I consider any potential changes, I have to remember my food addiction. It’s crucial to consider the potential ramifications to my recovery. My peace and automaticity must reign supreme. So how do we optimize our food plan for health without compromising our food addiction recovery journey? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.


Episode: Staying Bright is the Topy Health Priority | Bright Line Living | The Official Bright Line Eating Podcast