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Bright Line Eating® is transforming lives. Getting into a Bright Body is only the beginning. Those who commit to the Bright Line Eating lifestyle also benefit from loads of achievements that include everything from greater happiness to balancing health metrics.**

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Meet Holly H.

I am a 58-year-old female with 4 children. I have not been in a “right-sized body” since my second child was born 35 years ago. In the late 1990s, I was over 200 pounds. I did the low-carb diet and lost about 40 pounds, but I gained it all back plus more. After that, I stopped weighing myself because I was so ashamed. I tried every diet I heard about, sometimes losing but always gaining the weight back. I did a high-protein “shake” with lots of “vitamins” to give me energy through the day. I lost 80 pounds, but I could not sustain the weight loss when I went back to eating. I tried everything. I started on Monday and never made it past Thursday. I tried meal kits and other programs that came and went. My food consisted of chips and dip and other carbs. No fruit or veggies were consumed.

After my divorce in 2008, my weight exceeded 250 pounds (252.2 to be exact). I was asthmatic, depressed, and eventually on medication for high blood pressure. I had pneumonia and bronchitis every 3 months, influenza every year, and no energy. So, I ate more NMF and drank more fountain Diet Coke. I was never without a mug of it. 24 hours a day, it was by my side. It was poison. I ached, my ankle was so swollen that I couldn’t walk, and I had 12 children to keep up with in my childcare program. It was horrible. The breaking point for me was in 2019 when I won a national childcare award and was flown to Philadelphia for the weekend to receive the award with 50 other amazing women. When I saw pictures of myself later, I was humiliated.

My friend, Jan Hartwig, had started a healthy eating program in January of that year. She told me about it, and I told her I was really excited for her, but I could never do it. She gave up flour, sugar, snacking, and was losing weight quickly. I knew that was not something I could do, but when I saw my picture, I started asking her questions about Bright Line Eating. I told her I would start but that I had tried for 15 years to quit drinking Diet Coke, and I couldn’t give it up. So, I got all my food, some tea, and sparkling water (I didn’t like it then, but I do now). I spent Sunday cooking and started BLE on June 1, 2019.

I knew I would make it until Thursday of the 14-Day Challenge. That is the day that always broke my diet, but I woke up the following Friday and realized I hadn’t had a Diet Coke or broken a Bright Line all week. I listened to every video. I used the mantras. I didn’t go into the gas station where I normally got my Diet Coke fix for the first 6 months. There have been challenges, but all of my friends and family are supportive, and I have taken some time for me. The things that helped me be most successful were reading the book; having my buddy, Jan; and ALWAYS having meals prepped ahead of time. I grill twice a week. I have not had flour at all since that day, and very few times I have had sugar, but it didn’t trigger me. I will never drink a Diet Coke again. The book made me understand that this is no different than alcoholism or drug addiction, and addiction runs in my family. I don’t have alcoholism, but I do have food addiction. This is a lifetime commitment for me.

I have released 108 pounds*. I am about 20 pounds from my goal weight. I am off high-blood-pressure medications, and I can walk without ankle pain. I can jump on the trampoline with the grandkids (at age 58, I am not sure I recommend it), and I can play hide and seek with them. I have more energy to take care of my childcare program, which has been very difficult during COVID, but I am still staying Bright. My food is one thing that I can control. The support of the Online Support Community and the Boot Camp are amazing! This journey has saved my life, literally. I would love to share my story, and I am here to support anyone who needs it. I did not think I would ever be in a Bright Body, but thanks to Susan Peirce Thompson, I will be soon. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for BLE and for so many friends I have connected with on social media. I want everyone to know that this is a program that is true and works. It is sustainable for life and easy when you get the hang of it. Even my doctor said that I have inspired her! I sent her a copy of the book so she could share the information with other patients that may need the help.

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*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Featured participants expended more time and effort than required and were asked to share their experiences to help promote the program because of the extraordinary results they achieved.

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