What to do when Cheat Days Sabotage your Diet

Dorie's "cheat day" sabotaged her diet and turned into a binge. Her secret eating and food stashes got the best of her. Until she found Bright Line Eating. She realized she wasn't alone in her struggles. She finally felt understood. Then she finally lost the weight and found freedom.

Meet Dorie W.

Bright Line Eating came into my life as a seed planted by a friend. I’ll never forget it. We were at a restaurant, and everyone was eating ALL... THE... THINGS. At the time, I was on yet another diet but today was “cheat day.” As I oooh’d and aaah’d over the menu, bingeing with my eyes, I ordered my trough of food and started phase 1 of a one-month binge.

My friend was seated across from me with a simple protein (that looked quite juicy) and vegetable plate. She was peaceful, asking our server questions and enjoying herself. She was having as good a time as we all were at the table. My friend later sent me a text with a link to Bright Line Eating’s website. This was in 2017. At the time, I visited the website, and quickly dismissed it. Why? Well, I thought it was too much. First, what’s all this science talk? Why are there so many words on this website? Where are the big graphics that sell me the dream? So, I dismissed it.

In 2019, my husband, a clinical neuropsychologist, forwarded me an email that he found interesting on the topic of food addiction. I thought that he didn’t know about my hidden food stashes and secret food runs—but he did. When he read the email, his heart quivered for my freedom.

I read the email. I cried. I felt like no one really knew the agony I was in... until now. Bright Line Eating spoke to my soul. When I clicked through the email, to the website, I realized this was the very same website my friend sent me 2 years prior!

After I read that email, I started Bright Line Eating with the 14-Day Challenge, followed by the Boot Camp. After the Boot Camp was over, I knew I was Bright for life... Also known as a Bright Lifer.

One year later, I stepped on the scale, and I was silent. I was below my goal. The year of beautiful Bright meals flashed before my eyes, and I realized...

I... WAS... FREE.

It was then that I started Maintenance, and I have been maintaining my weight ever since. Through my journey, I did most of my BLE work solo because I really wanted to enter into a relationship with my healing. I wanted to intuitively facilitate my program with the tools BLE provided. But once I was FREEand completely WOW’DI remembered the seeds planted for me. So, I started my BLE-specific social media accounts. There I began to share, speak, cook for us all, and open my heart to freedom in a different way.

Through my journey, I felt the power of peace building with every Bright move I made. In all honesty, there is no road without bumps. What I’ve come to love is how we turn the bump into something Bright... and we keep on keepin’ on.

Many meals, modules, and moments later, living one day at a time, I show up for myself.

I’m passionate about my recipes, my fitness, and the road ahead.


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