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If you are ready to lose your excess weight and heal your relationship with food, Boot Camp 2.0 is how you get started.

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Can you imagine what it would feel like...

To have freedom from all the insanity about what you’ve eaten or not eaten, or how many calories you’ve consumed, or whether you’ve done your workout today?

Freedom from hunger and cravings.

Freedom from excess weight.

Freedom from shame.

Freedom from food obsession.

Boot Camp 2.0 is how you start your Bright Line Eating weight loss journey.

  • Boot Camp 2.0 is a 10-week online course that consists of short, engaging videos and downloadable, printable content. 
  • In this course, you’ll learn what the Bright Lines are and how to follow them.
  • You’ll also get access to a private, online support group and live group coaching calls with our expert Bright Line Eating coaches.
  • In this all-new, revised, and upgraded version, we’ve folded in all the latest science, plus everything we’ve learned from serving our community for the past nine years.
  • It’s an immersive experience that builds a solid foundation for success.

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp 2.0 includes everything you need to lose all your excess weight and keep it off long term.

✔ We’re going to give you the exact food plan that Susan and thousands of others have used to lose all their excess weight.
✔ We’re going to teach you how to automate your morning and evening routines to support your success.
✔ We’re going to train you on how to make your willpower work for you so you know what to do when temptation strikes.
✔ We’re going to educate you on the Maintenance Mindset, so you will know exactly what the path is to keep every pound you’ve lost off FOR GOOD
✔ We’re going to coach and guide you every step of the way to lose the weight without starving yourself, pills or shots, special bars or shakes, or counting calories.

We’re also going to walk you through:
✔ How to navigate restaurants, travel, and social situations.
✔ How to feed your family delicious meals that even kids will love and still lose your weight
✔ What to say to people (and what not to say to people) about what you’re doing.
✔ How to get right back on track if you fall off your plan (we call our unique process “rezooming” and it’s a game changer!).
✔ And MUCH more…

Yes, I am ALL IN for Boot Camp 2.0!

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It's not your fault—your brain has been blocking you from losing weight.

In Bright Line Eating, we will teach you how to work with your brain so you don't sabotage your weight-loss efforts. We developed four science-backed guidelines for success called... 


Bright Lines

Bright Lines are clear boundaries that we just don't cross, no matter what.

No Sugar

No Flour

Daily Meals—No Snacking

Weighed & Measured Quantities

Boot Camp 2.0 Includes Community

  • Tap into the power of our social support community for unrivaled connection
  •  Find all the support you need, whether you have bumps in the road, special circumstances to navigate, or want to celebrate a milestone

Boot Camp 2.0 Provides the Tools You Need

  • Watch the educational video modules anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer (with internet access)
  • Find a wealth of tools for success at your fingertips, including checklists, food plan notes and tips, and guidelines for special events like travel and dining out
  • Access your course materials using the new mobile app

Plus... For a Limited Time, Boot Camp 2.0 Includes 3 Bonuses!

Register during Food Freedom 2023 and you’ll get access to these 3 exclusive bonuses.

Bonus #1
A Full, Flourishing Life: Navigating Family, Friends, and Social Situations

Bonus #2
The Break Through Your Resistance Roadmap

Bonus #3
Relapse Rescue: Your Failsafe Plan for Getting Back on Your Plan

The Investment

Bright Line Eating Boot Camp 2.0 is $497
or three monthly payments of $197

And you can try it RISK-FREE.

We offer a 100% 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
If 30 days from now, you’re not experiencing the transformation of your life,
get a full refund with nothing lost... ZERO risk.

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp 2.0 begins on Sunday, October 22, 2023.
Join now and get started on the planning and preparation process TODAY!

It's time to do something different.
This is your moment.

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NOTE: If you are already a Bright Line Eating Member with a valid, current membership, you DO NOT have to purchase anything additional. You will automatically get access to Boot Camp 2.0 in the Hub.

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